Healing Room-We invite you to visit this quiet reflective space during the duration of the Conference.

  • Uptown Room


  • Interest Group #8 “Blended Families”: Rupture & Repair Up Close and Personal
  • Interest Group #3 The Very Elderly: A Quagmire of Complexity and Confusion for Families, Caregivers and Professionals

Room Changes:

  • ¬†The Pre-Conference Workshop has been moved to the Skyline Room (21st floor)
  • The W2W meeting has changed¬† to Room 210
  • Facilitated Listening Circle, Friday June 21st : time changed from 5:00pm to 5:30pm

Brief Presentation Moderator Updates:

  • Brief Presentation Group #1: Teaching, Training, Supervision: Current Practices Anne Bernstein
  • Brief Presentation Group #20: Facing Challenges Jane Bardavid
  • Brief Presentation Group #23: Community Veronica Kuhn

Please be sure to pick up a survey from the AFTA Preliminary Task Force on Climate Change and Repair from the Registration table. Completed surveys can be returned to the Registration table.

Program Typos:

  • Interest Group #10

“The context of current times including promotion of (in)justices has increased conflict, disconnection and even fractures among diverse families in their communities including cultural family communities. Racism and discrimination including towards cultural family communities continues in the context of current times. Relational bridging and recommitting to social justice have become all the more a necessity among families and multicultural communities. To counter some disturbing current national discourses, the presenter uses a variety of family narrative stories, in this case in films, that speak to the impact of stress or injustices in this case for cultural family communities or families while also engaging students of family therapy mental health therapists and audiences in a critical thinking and dialogue. An effective framework for use of film narratives portraying a diversity of families, in this case cultural families, will be interactively presented and used for rich discussion among participants contributing to and seeking as family advocates a more just society and world for all.”